After a year of living abroad, I know how to do victory nights solo…but…We meet at 8p and end around midnight after dinner, music and virgin nightcaps because he’s preparing for Ramadan. He sees me off on my motorbike, requesting one more “nightcap” that I turn down.

We are extremely happy and look forward to a very happy future, thanks so much smooch, your site has made my life complete and I will be forever grateful to the site.

Finding last-minute accommodations is easy enough, but what if you're looking to make some new connections?

Thanks to the advent of smart phones, for better or worse, we no longer have to bank on serendipitous meetings with foreign strangers to lock down a brief encounter. For *ahem*casual encounters, – The original "swiping app" is still one of the most used online dating services, even overseas.

LP will increase much slower from 7 points up if you are not dating a person.

When you have multiple boyfriends/ girlfriends, it's best to try to confess at 10 LP.

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