Agenda dating hidden in relationship

By definition, diabolical means “anything that is extremely wicked, cruel and evil.” If we were thinking about it on a global scale, most of us would probably view diabolical in terms of genocide, murder, child abuse, or any of the horrible and pervasive tragedies that happen in the world.

And most – if not all – of us would agree that Satan is involved in all of these evil acts.

If you follow the blog on Instagram, then you know I took some time away to regroup and refocus my energy. I have a hard time letting go, whether it’s personal relationships or a situation that didn’t go the way I envisioned in my head, I refused.

It was time well spent, and I’ve had a lot of epiphanies about myself and the way I approach relationships, but one of the biggest things I realized was that I missed you. I missed this…but I’ll get into all that in another post. Sorry, I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just the truth. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but a recurring theme in my life is being given the lesson of letting go. Slowly but surely, however, I’ve been getting better at it.

marrying someone who has a hidden agenda aimed at us? Are they always bringing up a specific topic again and again? they don't mind waiting awhile, they are cunning and sly… they merely choose when to turn on and off their temper fits, their abuse, etc as it serves them and they see fit. They will do nice things for you to gain your trust because they are looking for their efforts to have a pay-off down the road.It used to be a buzzword and now it’s just business as usual.It may have become mainstream but I still see mistakes which limit people’s success.According to Proverbs 3, God considers evil to be arrogance and pride, as well as when people plot to harm others, oppress the poor, and stir up dissention.It also says that God Although he was defeated at the cross, the enemy still wreaks havoc on our lives by lying and deceiving, corrupting everything that is wholesome and good, and by bringing shame on our hearts.

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