Dating walker hall silver plate

The prime purpose of these marks is to show that the metal of the item upon which they are stamped is of a certain level of purity.

The metal is tested and marked at special offices, regulated by the government, known as assay offices.

EDWARD JONES, BIRMINGHAM (1879-1954) Sold A decorative sterling silver stamp case in the form of an envelope with a hinged top.

Circa 1900 Sold A nice little antique silver model chair with barley twist legs and faux rush seat.

Trademarks are generally found on EPNS flatware, other silver plated items and engraved to knife blades; it was on these items that manufacturers applied the marks.

These five nations have, historically, provided a wealth of information about a piece through their series of applied punches.Therefore, hallmarking is generally done before the piece goes for its final polishing.The hallmark for sterling silver varies from nation to nation, often using distinctive historic symbols, although Dutch and UK Assay offices no longer strike their traditional hallmarks exclusively in their own territories and undertake assay in other countries using marks that are the same as those used domestically.This however is not always the case; a hallmark does not denote the place of manufacture merely the place of assay. All of the manufacturers on this list are either based in London or Sheffield, the exceptions being Elkington & Co and Alexander Clark who were based in Birmingham and Josiah Williams & Co. Some were specialist cutlers (knife makers), buying-in the ready finished silver, some specialised in making flatware, whilst others were general silversmiths who offered a large range of items and not just flatware.The largest producers sent items to several different assay offices to bypass delays at their local office, therefore London hallmarked flatware by producers such as Walker & Hall, Wm. The maker’s marks illustrated in bold are the most commonly found.

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