Etiquette facebook dating

So, I encourage all of you to take these with a grain of salt and apply them as you deem fit!

As much as you may have exhibitionistic tendencies and wants everyone to know your most intimate secrets, others may not share the same inclination.

This doesn’t mean that a Facebook friendship is meaningless, though. A skilled FB stalker will be able to determine the length and seriousness of every relationship you’ve ever had. Let’s do it in person before we give each other access to our whole lives, huh? If they can’t accept that, it will give you some valuable information about their ability to respect your boundaries, won’t it?

Whether online or in real life, it can be very awkward if we’re not sure when someone is being sardonic or serious.

If you are of the thicker-skinned variety, you can just let it roll off your back and move right along. If you must have clarity, there is only one way to get it: ask him. you get the gist), explain that you can’t tell whether his comments are funny or mean. You’re opening yourself up to some grief here if he confides that yes, his comments are genuinely snarky because he thinks your posts are really stupid.

A drink before can settle the nerves and having something in your hands stops you feeling awkard.

A drink taken into the speed dating can be sipped on in a (hopefully non-existant!

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