Is audrina still dating justin

Since The Hills premiered, she's worked consistently as a model, shot two movies (the horror film Sorority Row and Into the Blue 2) and competed on ABC's massively popular Dancing With the Stars — all of which she says would never have come along without the show.

Popularly known for her fame after being cast in the reality TV shows series called “The Hills” which portrayed her both personal and professional lives of Patridge and her friends.

What's more, there seems to be demand from viewers who watched The Hills, fans Patridge says who continue to ask about her life.

(Look no further than her 1.4 million followers on Twitter, or the flow of stories about her love life that continue to be winning fodder for the big tabloids.)"Why not? But I did it, and I thought that meant we were picked up, but I guess they changed their minds." Patridge is the only original cast member to have stuck with the Hills until the very end.

"I don't know, kiddo," he replied, sucking in his breath.

The comment set Audrina off, and she tried to rub the fact that Kristin was back together with Brody in JB's face. Justin clearly then just wanted to say anything to hurt Audrina.

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