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It's the best video we've seen in a long time -- a professor doing a Skype interview with the BBC from his home is interrupted when his two young children crash his office! Kelly tries unsuccessfully to push her aside as he continues to discuss the South Korean president's impeachment.

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"That is how we must now honor our fellow teammates, those brave girls from Afghanistan," he said. State Department (including its embassies) has been simply nothing short of amazing," Sestak said in the post, adding that one other team, from Gambia, had been also denied visas.

HERAT, Afghanistan (Reuters) - Two Afghan girls refused visas to the United States for a robot-building competition said on Tuesday they were mystified by the decision, as the contest's organizers said teams from Iran and Sudan as well as a de facto Syrian team had gained visas.

The unusual story of the Afghan all-girl team of robotics students emerged as the United States grapples with the legality of President Donald Trump's order to temporarily ban travel from six Muslim-majority countries.

Most of them, some of them are actually amazing people and I can say that they changed my life.

The worst experience I got was when a user actually fell in love and tried to shoot me in my head in front of my parents.

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