Updating data with linq

If the same window will be used for the form to update a record and add a record, then the Accept button will be the single button to start the task.

With this in mind, the single button will need to have a condition to understand if the record is new, or if it exists.

If the table object was null, the I set the Update flag to false.

Finally, all three objects are saved in the database.

Northwind Entities db Context = new Northwind Entities(); Category category = new Category(); category.

After obtaining the results from the database, LINQ to SQL again translates them to objects. NET developers, LINQ to SQL (also known as DLINQ) is an electrifying part of Langauage Integrated Query as this allows quering data in SQL server database by using usual LINQ expressions.

It also allows to update, delete and insert data, but the only drawback from which it suffers is its limitation to the SQL server database.

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